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king Johny288
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lazy aim4418

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Latest Message: 2 days, 4 hours ago
  • doc : Better to be human than inhuman. Far easier to be civil than flippant. Smile
  • Quaker : hello Smile
  • Ponch : Arr\hi everybody Geek
  • Nastia : Confused
  • doc : SMILEYS_BANANA_SANTA Very Happy
  • gg : Happy New Year to everyone, blessings. SMILEYS_TREE
  • doc : Seasons greetings to all and Happy new year.
  • Love|2 : thank you Q , merry xmas and a happy new year to all SMILEYS_SANTA_COOKIES
  • Quaker : Merry Christmas everyone!
  • Michael : hey Rambo - Austria ??
  • Quaker : hallo Smile
  • Michael Ivan : hi @ all Razz :
  • Michael Ivan : SMILEYS_COOKIES_1
  • ПаША : Привет ребятишки) хотел вам всем напомнить что ПаША Рулит Девочки Smile Very Happy
  • Nastia : За*бали под моим ником играть и всякую херню от моего имени писать!
  • hemn : Jo Peoples jo Razer Smile I made a new HD Texture mod for q3a.
  • Dark Angel : Hello, just to inform you that someone is using my nick name "Dark Angel".
  • Chilli-Beef : Hello everyOne, thx for some amazing games Smile
  • Quaker : hello Geek
  • StarGamer : hi. casuals
  • Phoenix : Morning all ^^
  • Love|2 : hey all SMILEYS_HEARTSHOWER1
  • StarGamer : Hi.
  • Quaker : hey Phoenix quite cold at the moment but it will change very soon, hope you are well, best of luck Wink
  • doc : Very Happy
  • Phoenix : Hello guys'n'gals, today is kicking off rather nice with the sun out here in the UK, hows your mornings going xD
  • Quaker : Hello all Geek
  • Dark Angel : Hello
  • The Suspect : Hi :>
  • Kevin : Hello all Smile
  • StarGamer : >: )
  • StarGamer : >Smile
  • StarGamer : Hi. casuals Wink
  • Maarten M : Hi, waterpater here. Enjoy the rest of your weekend Smile
  • The Suspect : )
  • Nastia : HeySmile I see , you play sometimes ( Miller ) Smile
  • Heet : Yop it's dead eye,came after years to this site,nothing's changed here,XD
  • Nastia : Buddha, stop stealing my nicknameSmile))
  • Nastia : Buddha, хватит играть под моим именем!!!Smile)) Прекрати воровать мой ник.
  • jones420 : also packed with cheaters. where are referees?
  • jones420 : freezer is constantly lagging and unplayable
  • Nastia : Hello Smile
  • Kevin : Hello all !
  • StarGamer : Hi :>
  • The Suspect : hi .d Very Happy Very Happy
  • Nastia : Ok Smile
  • StarGamer : Haha, I'm actually a boy Very Happy
  • The Suspect : :>
  • Nastia : Hey StarSmile Tell me please , are you a boy or a girl ? Sorry, just I don't knowSmile
  • StarGamer : Hey atb m9 Smile
  • Nastia : Hey atb Smile SMILEYS_BANANA_SANTA
  • Mr Bean : Hi Star & Miller) it's atb Very Happy
  • Nastia : Hey StarSmile My favorite playerSmileHappy new year Smile
  • Mr Bean : Laughing Razz Razz
  • Mr Bean : Buu posting porn
  • Mr Bean : Smile
  • StarGamer : Heya Miller m8 :> Happy new year SMILEYS_BLUE_ORNAMENT SMILEYS_BANANA_SANTA
  • Nastia : Wink SMILEYS_BLUE_ORNAMENT Rolling Eyes
  • Nastia : Celebrated the new year in Sochi, the sea. See you soon in the game(Miller) SMILEYS_BANANA_SANTA
  • Nastia : SMILEYS_HEART1
  • Nastia : Happy new year!!! ( Miller)
  • Nastia : Happy new year!!! Smile
  • Quaker : Happy New Year 2017, lots of love to all of you SMILEYS_SANTA_COOKIES SMILEYS_LOVE1
  • Visor : server lags
  • doc : Happy New Year to all and Best Wishes. With that I bid you adieu. SMILEYS_COOKIES_1 SMILEYS_HEARTSHOWER1
  • Love|2 : Merry Christmas everyone, lots of love SMILEYS_XMAS_PRESENT
  • Chilli-Beef : Hi all, thx for some amazing games and Merry Christmas to you all
  • ^buu! : Smile «link»
  • ^buu! : Merry Christmas!! Its time to drink beer, listen to Mozart and kick ass for colleagues. without cheaters
  • StarGamer : idk why am i still here but..idk Very Happy
  • StarGamer : Merry Christmas, fellow Quakers Smile SMILEYS_TREE SMILEYS_SANTA_COOKIES
  • Alex : Hello everyone. It's nice to play a couple of games after 2 years. I realised that only Massacre servers still have some population. I just came to say hi. By the way, is it possible to kickban the MoNk3y user? I do not know admins here, but he is you can talk to me about that aimbot user anytime. Thank you guys, see you around. Smile
  • StarGamer : Bana$ lol 343 games Shocked
  • Garoldini : Bana$ so super man Cool
  • StarGamer : Yes, but not anymore
  • Maarten M : Server offline?
  • Garoldini : that i seen but me not work. I writing /pub on end and done
  • ^buu! : i had vsp stats procesor many years ago on own website. U can check all stats history since january2011. index «link» just replace name of month and year. Smile
  • Garoldini : mean older stats
  • Garoldini : yo Wink tech ofc. THanks buu for method view older articles (all) : old stats - (october2015) - example (2011-2016 now)
  • StarGamer : Yo Garold
  • StarGamer : Nice point there buu Very Happy i have noticed that too. In fact, I always know who is a cheater or not and the only one admin bans are the good players like garold (sometimes), dema, and me a lot Very Happy
  • ^buu! : Do You guys believe in miracles? because here a server sime players makes bigger miracles than Jesus was doing. With dry evidence like this october2016 «link» and 40 days later «link» . - Even atheist Began to believe in God. or start to watching him clo
  • Love|2 : welcome back Smile
  • StarGamer : Terror's back
  • StarGamer : HI.
  • StarGamer : Hi and happy bday Very Happy
  • Pradyut(indi : hello everyone...
  • Quaker : yes, happy bday Wink
  • ^buu! : SMILEYS_BANANA_SANTA 3 december party Smile) Happy Birthday QuakeIII You 17 years old love SMILEYS_BANANA_SANTA
  • Nancy : Garo SMILEYS_KISS1
  • StarGamer : ohhh hi Nancy Very Happy
  • Garoldini : Confused
  • Nancy : me* sorry)
  • Nancy : Im not new Smile) haha.U know he well gamer.I'm Nancy Razz
  • StarGamer : Are you new to the server? Haven't seen you before Very Happy
  • StarGamer : Hi
  • Elena : hi guys SMILEYS_SANTA_COOKIES
  • StarGamer : Heyy Beefy m8 Very Happy
  • Chilli-Beef : Hi all
  • doc : yo
  • StarGamer : wtf keyboard xD
  • StarGamer : doc* Very HappyD
  • StarGamer : y
  • StarGamer : yo dco
  • StarGamer : Can someone tell the less skilled players that i'm not actually hacking? They are called flick rails and skills mates, and i play quake since my childhood. And btw if you have problems locating a player just listen to his footsteps or listen to the railgun noise, it will help you a lot Very Happy
  • StarGamer : Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
  • Msr : lol i make this. TUTORIAL HOW TO USE NOGHOST! «link»
  • Garoldini : Oh. and it is important enter commands in console game than enter in cfg file, some reason do not work)
  • Garoldini : If does not work commands below, check you did everything correctly. People what I helped all works. Only brown teammates model can stay (My not) but it does not matter. Perhaps update Quake 1.16n. If commands does not work with ENEMY you sure put noghost not your quake folder baseq3. In baseq3 NoGhost155.pk3 should not be in a folder
  • PM : Excellent. Thanks.
  • Garoldini : red/blue use only nobs or hf players actually. download noghost155 put it in baseq3. Then in concole /cg_enemymodel keel/pm /cg_enemycolors 2222 /cg_forcemodel 1 /cg_teamcolors 4444 my setings
  • PM : How do you get back to red/blue team skins on Massacre Freezer? Both teams have same color models.
  • Garoldini : Use cg_forceModel 1
  • Maarten M : Server is now a q3 Demo server with all the sarges?
  • Heet : @Msr thanks bro,had that problem,I'll try it
  • StarGamer : And also thanks for reintroducing the black colors back! It's nice to see some black and white contrast again instead of mostly white Very Happy
  • StarGamer : Thanks for the unban btw Very Happy.
  • Msr : try this setings. meybe it helps /com_hunkmegs 512 /Rate 25000 /snaps 40 /cl_maxpacets 60 this seting makes my connection stabile even if he makes a shit - yes im lag as well but he can't kickout me from server.
  • Msr : Dragon does not crash the server. He only produces lag using "nickname script" then you lose connection. Server is not a problem - its client side problem because this script makes an error on the clients side only. why? coz he give you lot of packets in short time and then you all lose a connection. try to install 1.16n point relase and enter a few commands on console. com_hunkmegs 512 (it give you 512Mb framework and set the amount of memory you want quake3.exe a reserve for game play). Ra
  • StarGamer : I don't know what'd you say, but i played sever times against PLAMEN on freezer, and i think he plays without hacks, no offense though, that's my point of view.
  • Maarten M : Can someone give me dragon's skype or IP adress? He still needs some payback for letting the server crash every 5 minutes.
  • Maarten M : Annunak told dragon
  • Heet : And they don't like the Noghost server because they can't go in custhey have hack the newbies hack too much and specially that guy called seta he's the one ho taught dragon how to hack and other shit
  • Heet : And he always crashes the server he sees me on he says that he uses aimbot which I don't think he does though he has hack but not aimbot whichever server it is they crash it when they see me there and orders me to beg for forgiveness
  • demaxh : I meant cant*
  • demaxh : But u can do crap outta him all the time Wink
  • StarGamer : I 1v1ed Dragon on FFA with him using aimbot and i beat the crap out of him Wink Wink
  • FataL. : And Dragon's getting upset after taking 3, 4 banns. I'm pretty sure that if there's some nasty ref banning him again and again and again... Dragon will find out that there's no point at all. No frags, no hacks, nothing 4 him.. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
  • FataL. : I'm not really sure what's their problem with 'Massacre servers". I mean I can take playing vs autoshooter, cause he needs to take his crosshair on me (I have time to react and maybe make a shot)... Autoshooters have to move the mouse... That's some skill, isn't it? But playing vs aimbot on dm17 is not OK. I can't understand the need of wasting time in a game by doin' that. And Dragon is an aimbot child... The same who crushed the servers and now black names no longer exists.
  • Mr Bean : Mr Bean for admin! xD
  • Maarten M : So, when will black names be possible again?
  • demaxh : Nice and different kind of video buu!!! Smile
  • Msr : ok. nw this «link»
  • demaxh : Wow seems super .. xD.
  • Msr : DEMA check it out «link»
  • demaxh : Lol buu.. !!!
  • Msr : hi i am ^buu! Can someone ban me? im mess up server as well. I'm using fake aliases and dublicate ip. why do I do it? FOR FUN Smile but my not yours. thanq
  • demaxh : Can someone pls ban or kill that dragon who mess up the server ?.
  • Msr : because g_blackNameFix is off now. 0 = Stock version of quake that allows people to use black names due to a bug 1 = Prevent the use of black names unconditionally 2 = Totally allow players to use black names by using ^0
  • StarGamer : Admin, why the black color is not working anymore on freezer?
  • demaxh : Hi there Love|2.. yep i am back to massacre Smile. Nice to see u Smile
  • StarGamer : It's not fun at all when you play with or against wall hackers that use aimbot as well.
  • StarGamer : (Monk3y)
  • StarGamer : Admin, can you ban that hacker Plamen (aka Monk3y0
  • Love|2 : hey Star and Demaxh long time no see Exclamation Wink
  • StarGamer : How are you guys?
  • StarGamer : I am back from the dead... Smile)
  • demaxh : Plamen and dragon both are friends, ot is obvious to say dragon also use the same cheat as plamen. So server needs better monitoring.
  • demaxh : The thing is.. prior to the ref ping 198, 100 ping ref was amazing, better monitoring skills, really like it. This new ref is not much skilled to monitor properly. This us my feedback. Hail Massacre
  • demaxh : Yep. Fatal u said the trurh, that player dragon was playing Last night under unnamedplayer ping 256, where was the ref? Smile, but the
  • FataL. : Take care, have fun and play clean Smile
  • FataL. : Hmm... I miss so much to play here. No more 14 hours sessions Wink Work, work.. busy, busy. And now every time I touch the mouse is like the first. There's some kid named Dragon, using a hack all over Massacre servers. I hope the refs take care of him, no matter his IP changing.
  • Sarge/// : yoo Demaxh .....
  • Sarge/// : yoo
  • demaxh : sarge bro, write to me to my mail «email»
  • demaxh : sorry for the lengthy messages, cause your ref making me to write Very Happy
  • demaxh : remeber a true player never will be scared to fight for justice, i play fair and i play for fun, not to cheat or to blame, anyways, i have said the whole details and let me see what is going to happen, whether i will be proved as a cheater which i am not, or that ref will be given some guidelines to monitor properly,
  • demaxh : member of there community, i was much better than what i am, and i was admin too, i know how to track players who cheat, i am not a noob sir Smile. later i quite 1.30 cause there players were not connecting, here in massacre freezer i found sarge bro and i am so much missing him and to watch his play,
  • demaxh : as i respect my gaming and play, i never cheat, you guys need to say that ref to monitor properly, Using headphones and tracking sound is not wallhack Sir Very Happy. please guide your ref to stay focused on real cheaters, not on me lol, if you guys dont want me to play let me know, i will not play in massacre anymore, because i have been hurted so badly with that first ban, i never ever got banned in my life, because i dont cheat at all, i am from quake 1.30, do u guys know nasty clan? , i am the membe
  • demaxh : i am DemaxH. been playing quake from past 6 years and now i am so much sad never was like this, just 10 minutes ago some great Ref ping ( 198) , banned me, i asked the reason why, then he said i use wallhack Very HappyDDDDDDDDDDDDD,, haha,, common, there are so many players who use them and he is so much of jealous he banned me for no reason ?, it was not so good by that ref, i dont use wall hack, also i learnt the tricks and stuff from TnC///Sarge, he is the best friend of mine, i respect him as much a
  • demaxh : Hi, there, can i know where can i speak to TnC.Sarge ?
  • Nastia : Drago tired! How much can!
  • SteezY : whats up doc.. why you feel that you are no longer welcome here?
  • SteezY : hi all happy fraggin
  • doc : Since I'm no longer welcome here for whatever reason, please remove my account..
  • NoFear : Can I know who is the admin pls? Thank you
  • NoFear : Hi every one!
  • Sarge/// : Hi all Quakers,hey Pro Fatal i hope you ok.I hope see you ffa server ..
  • doc : Check inbox Admin
  • Michal : rabbit and you can aim a bit the 50% is pretty average. Please notify them to not ban me in the future (my nick is "Y" or "YeLLoW"Wink and please unban me because this is ridiculous. And for all those who just really suck at the game but are the best pro referees ever to tell who is cheating and who is not please spect first, and thing for one fucking second. Also you can watch this video. «link» and maybe you will learn something. Peace.
  • Michal : Please teach your so called admins/referees how to tell if someone is cheating or not. The level of masacre freezer is so low because your referees are banning all players who are better than the average. And lets be honest the avarage is very poor. Everybody is just railjumping not really listening for corners, wasting reload time and thats why they are being killed all the time. Also why somebody has to be a cheater if he got around 50% accuracy? When you are not railjumping like a fucking rab
  • Msr : lol just download 1.16 piont relase q3 here «link» and enter command /com_hungMegs 512 it shud be help You
  • Msr : hello. dragon make shit on the server. It uses the script "quick name change. This causes lag and disconnects from the server. However, some of the players with 1.16 left in the game. However, I suggest you download 1.16 point relase Q3 and install. can be found in google    and command help / com_hungMegs 512
  • XRVM : hey partymaker ! SMILEYS_BANANA_SANTA
  • pprexkiller : Hey guys , I just wanted to remind.. that you shouldn't download a lot of stuff on your computer Smile Smile Smile ..... also.. hello!!
  • doc : anyone have email for massacre admin. other than the usual one.
  • Backvisor : GameSMILEYS_XMAS_PRESENT
  • Backvisor : game
  • Msr : Putin Power «link»
  • Msr : «link»
  • Bryan : Did my long message post cause i dont see it lol
  • Bryan : Hey all ... trying to reach admin.. would love if server would rotate maps and enable grapple.. i played q3 freeze for 7 1/2 yrs and am so stoked i just found this server on steam also maybe grant someone the recon password so we can vote maps and enable grapple!!! Thx again for hosting server Quake for life Smile
  • doc : Thanks Admin has been notified. Smile
  • SatanicDuck : Awesome, tried to play on that Freeze server (IP:, two guys just changed their names constantly and lagged all the players out of the server.
  • Garoldini : Very Happy «link»
  • Ertugrul : hi all.. Im doctor :d
  • Maarten M : How do they calculate "Skill"?
  • Love|2 : hello old friend and maus SMILEYS_BANANA_SANTA
  • kill-999 : hi, im an older friend here Smile
  • franciszek : ban rly?for what?
  • Maus : Cool Day! go gamingWink
  • Evil : Hello!
  • Versonix : D
  • Versonix : Admin can u check mail i wanna upload video! THANKS
  • Maarten M : Lol that link is gold

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