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Massacre FFA
PLAYERS: 2 / 12

Massacre Freezer
PLAYERS: 6 / 30

Massacre CTF
PLAYERS: 2 / 12


Time For All Above!

Servers Time 11:48:08

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Latest Message: 3 weeks, 5 days ago
  • Nastia : Drago tired! How much can!
  • SteezY : whats up doc.. why you feel that you are no longer welcome here?
  • SteezY : hi all happy fraggin
  • doc : Since I'm no longer welcome here for whatever reason, please remove my account..
  • NoFear : Can I know who is the admin pls? Thank you
  • NoFear : Hi every one!
  • Sarge/// : Hi all Quakers,hey Pro Fatal i hope you ok.I hope see you ffa server ..
  • doc : Check inbox Admin
  • Michal : rabbit and you can aim a bit the 50% is pretty average. Please notify them to not ban me in the future (my nick is "Y" or "YeLLoW"Wink and please unban me because this is ridiculous. And for all those who just really suck at the game but are the best pro referees ever to tell who is cheating and who is not please spect first, and thing for one fucking second. Also you can watch this video. «link» and maybe you will learn something. Peace.
  • Michal : Please teach your so called admins/referees how to tell if someone is cheating or not. The level of masacre freezer is so low because your referees are banning all players who are better than the average. And lets be honest the avarage is very poor. Everybody is just railjumping not really listening for corners, wasting reload time and thats why they are being killed all the time. Also why somebody has to be a cheater if he got around 50% accuracy? When you are not railjumping like a fucking rab
  • Msr : lol just download 1.16 piont relase q3 here «link» and enter command /com_hungMegs 512 it shud be help You
  • Msr : hello. dragon make shit on the server. It uses the script "quick name change. This causes lag and disconnects from the server. However, some of the players with 1.16 left in the game. However, I suggest you download 1.16 point relase Q3 and install. can be found in google    and command help / com_hungMegs 512
  • XRVM : hey partymaker ! SMILEYS_BANANA_SANTA
  • pprexkiller : Hey guys , I just wanted to remind.. that you shouldn't download a lot of stuff on your computer Smile Smile Smile ..... also.. hello!!
  • doc : anyone have email for massacre admin. other than the usual one.
  • Backvisor : GameSMILEYS_XMAS_PRESENT
  • Backvisor : game
  • Msr : Putin Power «link»
  • Msr : «link»
  • Bryan : Did my long message post cause i dont see it lol
  • Bryan : Hey all ... trying to reach admin.. would love if server would rotate maps and enable grapple.. i played q3 freeze for 7 1/2 yrs and am so stoked i just found this server on steam also maybe grant someone the recon password so we can vote maps and enable grapple!!! Thx again for hosting server Quake for life Smile
  • doc : Thanks Admin has been notified. Smile
  • SatanicDuck : Awesome, tried to play on that Freeze server (IP:, two guys just changed their names constantly and lagged all the players out of the server.
  • Garoldini : Very Happy «link»
  • Ertugrul : hi all.. Im doctor :d
  • Maarten M : How do they calculate "Skill"?
  • Love|2 : hello old friend and maus SMILEYS_BANANA_SANTA
  • kill-999 : hi, im an older friend here Smile
  • franciszek : ban rly?for what?
  • Maus : Cool Day! go gamingWink
  • Evil : Hello!
  • Versonix : D
  • Versonix : Admin can u check mail i wanna upload video! THANKS
  • Maarten M : Lol that link is gold
  • Maarten M : «link»
  • Maarten M : Waterpater
  • Maarten M : Kind regards:
  • Maarten M : If those noobs could stop slender me (saying I have hacks) I would be so happy. I'm talking about those .eRa clan members and that UnnamedPlayer wuss.
  • doc : Beth, I hear you callin' But I can't come home right now Me and the boys are playin' And we just can't find the sound Wink
  • Love|2 : lol you crazy doc Razz
  • doc : Shout it, shout it, shout it out loud! Razz
  • Visor : Anticamp pls.
  • Heet : ohh,man i downloaded q3 full ver 16 oh daam if i hadnt knoqwn this that if i pause and then restart the download will be where it was
  • doc : Admin plz check your email. thanks
  • doc : sup guys and gals Doc here with a happy shout out to all.. Very Happy
  • Heet : lol
  • Maarten M : Haha PUTIN and Garold banned. Hacking never pays..
  • Christiaan : Is there someone who can unban the ip-adress of my parents home by Massacre Freezer? xxx Gerardes
  • Christiaan : Is there someone who can unban my ip @ massacre Freezer?
  • Heet : then who is he?
  • Quaker : hi dead eye and welcome Smile i dont think doc is smf doc
  • Heet : is doc=smf doctor?
  • Heet : Very Happy i can see 2 guests online and 1 member online
  • Heet : dead eye here says hello
  • Heet : hello guys
  • doc : Best Wishes to all Massacre Quakers have a happy new year.
  • Admin : Wishes to all Massacre Quakers and a big thank you for your constant support. Happy New Year 2016! SMILEYS_BLUE_ORNAMENT
  • Sarge/// : Happy New Year to all 2016 SMILEYS_XMAS_PRESENT SMILEYS_TREE
  • Garoldini : Yea 30-0 Very Happy
  • Phoenix : Played some good games tonight people, see you next time! xD
  • Love|2 : hello and merry xmass too SMILEYS_COOKIES_1
  • Shaun Michae : hi yall Smile
  • Maarten M : Great server except all the freakin hackers on here
  • MisSGhOst : Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool SMILEYS_XMAS_PRESENT
  • VenHima : ^1D
  • Sebastian : yo
  • Ponch : Hi filthy Chili
  • Love|2 : hiya chilli Wink
  • Chris : Oh Im Chilli-Beef .. lol
  • Chris : Hi, thought i'd register, and just say hello.
  • Quaker : hey jfa and steezy welcome everyone, happy fragging Cool
  • SteezY : glenn is my real name i play with the name steezy or windowlicker... nice to meet you all +))
  • SteezY : an hope to frag some of yas soon
  • GLENN : hi all...same 4 me just joined the party back from 1.32 =)
  • Garoldini : I thot JFA girl
  • Love|2 : welcome JFA, buckle up for safety bro Wink
  • JFA : hi all in here and out there i finally joined the party :=P
  • LADYLOVE : you can download it 1.16 quake for free from here «link»
  • Dark*E : you have a different version of quake I velieve, you need the 1.16 pointrelease
  • TomAl1n : It says something about protocol 43....
  • TomAl1n : I cant join any server....
  • TomAl1n : Confused Confused
  • TomAl1n : I need some help
  • TomAl1n : Hi, anybody here?
  • Dark*E : and yet again... can you guys please get some proper refs... man I miss the old days that players would get investigated instead of just instabanned by some scrub watching me in spec, smh
  • Dark*E : thanks lads
  • LADYLOVE : Cool HOT HOT!!!!
  • Garoldini : Razz
  • LADYLOVE : I could have beer for breakfast My sanity for lunch Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz
  • LADYLOVE : Cool Hiiiiiiii
  • gg : hello Massacre Quakers, blessings and wishes to everyone. Exclamation
  • Love|2 : Stephan : i think it was stopped back in 2011. Star Gamer : welcome back dude Wink
  • *Star Gamer* : Im back guys Smile
  • *Star Gamer* : Hi
  • Dark Angel : Hello people.
  • Stephan : what happened DQP Shottie server guys? i was played there maybe 4 years ago.
  • Quaker : hello Uber Geek
  • Stephan : Hi all!
  • FataL. : Thought you were gone, but there you are on the stats. Gotta make a game sometimes Wink
  • FataL. : Hi there, Sarge! Smile
  • Demaxh : Motivation is the Best key for success Smile.. which and got from you and verso bro Smile .. no big deal, i enjoy the game, thanks Smile
  • Sarge/// : My friend-DemaxH. I sat down with my coffee and honestly enjoyed your video, it was amazing!!!!All the bestSmile
  • Demaxh : ahaa,, thanks bro love Very Happy
  • Love|2 : come i play you Quaker no biggie Wink ... wow DemaxH awsome video you made bro like Garoldini! «link»
  • Quaker : Gee are you up for a game? Smile
  • Gee : Enjoyed the new map this morning Smile tx
  • Demaxh : thanks
  • Demaxh : hi all.. and admin ,, kindly check mail Smile
  • .:ECHO:. : q3dm6 and q3dm7 will be nice Razz
  • Gee : Easy all Smile It would be nice to see another freeze map going.
  • gg : Hi Smile
  • Dark Angel : Hello Cool
  • Sarge/// : hello, most likely from your internet connection. if you use wireless switch it with wire asapExclamation Rolling Eyes
  • Gee : A question guys. Why am i getting connection interrupted so much? Is it likely to be my connection or something else?
  • Gee : cheers Smile
  • Demaxh : very well said = admin Smile
  • (Ghost) : Admin = whats not to love here, feelings are mutual! Gee = i dont think you will have a problem from refs here bro, clean game clean mouth all is good, have fun... Wink
  • Gee : Hi all. just registered. any rules apart from the usual courtesy ones i should know of?
  • Love|2 : very kind of you SMILEYS_BANANA_SANTA
  • Quaker : your words are really appreciated Admin. Smile
  • Admin : Hello Massacre Quakers, thank you for your continued support throughout the years! Without you this legendary and loved game would have just vanish, so again Thank You!
  • Admin : For any requests, reports or suggestions please use one of the following email addresses. «link»
  • Demaxh : can i ask some server related questions ? Razz
  • Demaxh : Laughing
  • Sarge/// : For you my friend Demaxh, I was happy to see you, and I hope you always well. Wink
  • Demaxh : Smile
  • Love|2 : no problem homie ... but i ain an admin, wish i was SMILEYS_BANANA_SANTA
  • Demaxh : Wow.. An active admin and I hope my friend. I was happy to see u in server sarge. Smile. Take care
  • Love|2 : yo Demaxh i seen him a couple of days ago playin but i dunno when hes comin though ... Confused «link»
  • Demaxh : Hi.. Admins... where is TnC-Sarge///
  • (Ghost) : quit staring like that rodolfo you scaring the sh*t out of me Razz ... just messin with you hi all Smile
  • rodolfo : ._.
  • Love|2 : hello Star Wink
  • *Star Gamer* : Hi
  • *Star Gamer* : thx Dude Very Happy
  • Quaker : hi all, nice color upgrade StarGamer Geek
  • Love|2 : hey Darky Wink
  • Dark Angel : Hi Cool
  • *Star Gamer* : hi all
  • Quaker : happy new year everyone ! Geek
  • Hiya : hiya,, happy new year Smile
  • (Ghost) : my turn to wish everyone to be having a great time this holidays... SMILEYS_BANANA_SANTA Versonix just email him your edited video or a link somewhere for the Admin to download it and he will upload it in his website, thats what i did at least.
  • Versonix : id like 2 share lil vid i made in massacre few days ago.. dear admin how i can uploade my vid to the site?
  • Versonix : Hi every1 Marry x-mas
  • Versonix : Hi ALL Marry x-mas
  • Garoldini : Thank you for your server admin! Happy New Year for you personally.
  • Admin : It is indeed touching to see real Supporters around and i thank you. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2015 to all the Massacre Quakers! SMILEYS_TREE
  • Love|2 : welcome back Star Merry Xmas Wink
  • *Star Gamer* : Merry Christmas everyone Smile SMILEYS_SANTA_COOKIES
  • *Star Gamer* : I am back guys Very Happy
  • Quaker : hello Smile
  • doc : hi there! SMILEYS_BLUE_ORNAMENT
  • Ekim Seyf : hi all SMILEYS_COOKIES_1
  • Love|2 : hello doc and Commander, frag dat ish up Razz
  • Ümit : hi
  • Ümit : hi
  • Ümit : Hi all Im Commander Smile)
  • EasyPro : t
  • doc : hello folks!
  • doc : check your box nimdA.
  • [TnC]Ma$$a(r : Hi I think is better to send a e-mail to the admin «email» Wink good luck
  • Hiya : So.. he do not understand english properly.. spanish language only.. so anyone can help him please... i can give his facebook username..
  • Hiya : One of my friend is ffro chile.. he is having some problem related to 1.16n downloaded from here
  • Love|2 : ooo sorry Nacho i didnt know... nice stats bro Wink
  • Nacho : Ima Yuriko. Hanged website name ^^
  • Nacho : Love dats not meh. Here , «link»
  • Love|2 : paste ur stat link here Yuriko, i only found this «link»
  • Yuriko │ : Hiya ! ^^ oh man i love being a carboner pro ^^ last game i've did 3 two in one's Very Happy
  • MisSGhOst : Cool
  • Love|2 : hi Massacre and Lady... long time no see Massy Smile
  • LADYLOVE : Hi all
  • [TnC]Ma$$a(r : Confused
  • Quaker : i dont think its something hard to find firefox, on the top menu you dont see 'contact us' link ?
  • fiReFox : I want admin email... please !!!! Smile
  • Quaker : hello firefox Smile
  • fiReFox : hiiiiii
  • FataL. : Commercial time:FataL... That strange suicider and self-humiliating psyho is waiting for you aroud the massacre servers... So beware Very Happy
  • Quaker : only ffa vs freeze counting and no message ? so strange... switch off your isp modem for some time ?
  • Danger : any idea? somebody?
  • Danger : heh angiii Very Happy
  • Danger : yes and i cant connect its just counting... 1...2...3......... Very Happy
  • Dark Angel : Dangii! Very Happy
  • Love|2 : in q3? you mean in ur favorite servers in multiplayer ?
  • Danger : here i see them online but in q3 offline...
  • Love|2 : try clearing ur internet history danger Idea
  • Danger : anyone know why i see ffa 1v1 and freezer as offline?
  • SOS : SOS is back,hey FATAL see you in battle ffa Wink SMILEYS_BANANA_SANTA SMILEYS_BANANA_SANTA
  • fiReFox : Wink
  • Love|2 : you never seen facebook chat firefox?
  • fiReFox : sorry cannot find
  • Quaker : bottom of your browser there is a live chat facebook style, open it.
  • fiReFox : admin . quaker or lady ,??
  • fiReFox : ok... I may be far.. but ping around 220.. isn't it sufficient ???... I can pm u.. ple give me your id or the way u lime to... will be waiting. .
  • fiReFox : accuracy .. ?? ... do not rj.. just frag frag frag... it will fetch u accuracy. . Smile)cheers
  • fiReFox : accuracy .. ?? ... do not rj.. just frag frag frag... u will fetch accuracy. . Smile)

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Massacre 1vs1
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